Born October 5, 1988- Maja Salvador is one of the latest in line of the illustrious show biz clan of the Salvador family. She is now making her own identity and mark as the Dance Princess of the Philippines and one of the most promising young actresses in the industry.

Peculiar Discovery…
Unlike other celebrities who were discovered on talent search and through commercials and endorsements in television, Maja was accidentally seen by the executives of ABS-CBN Channel 2, on a nationwide television show where she was reuniting with her long-lost father, Ross Rival. The moment of reconciliation between the father and daughter was actually then the primary step for the lady to go on or pursue the showbiz world.

Not all people know that Maja, was at first a ramp model at her young age together with a found friend Farah Ramos, who is the daughter of Chit Ramos, a movie-columnist and talent manager. Maja then confided with Chit regarding her longingness to see her father she didn’t see for years. Little did she know that Chit immediately worked out for the reconciliation of Maja and her dad. With the help of her extended family, she was brought up to the house of one of his uncles, Ramon Salvador where she finally met her father.

The said reunion was actually aired on THE BUZZ. That time, one of the heads of ABS-CBN was watching her closely. Charo Santos- Concio asked her staff to look for Maja after watching that touching moment which actually made a mark on her.
Thus did Maja Salvador sign up with the ABS-CBN Network and was then introduced in her first soap opera, It Might Be You as the leading lady for John Pratts.

Her showbiz world started…
Blessings incessantly poured over her after receiving lots of projects both on television and movies. According to her, the best project that was given to her would be being a part of the Ultimate Dance Four with Rayver Cruz , Shaina Magdayao and John Pratts as well. Obviously, dancing really is her passion yet shes trying to change or transpose genre from dancing to pure acting.

Undoubtedly, being a Salvador proved the audience that she really can work it out as an actress like most of her family members are. As an evidence for this, she was actually nominated as one of the new female actress in the box-office hit movie, Sukob. This only proves that she’s a a jock of all trades. She can definitely dance and sing, and without any questions, she really can act.

Maja as an Ordinary Girl…
Maja is having the time of her life right now. Despite her busy schedule, she can still make time to be with her friends and family whenever she is free. Going to shopping malls wearing just simple white navy top and casual shorts definitely describes her as really ordinary.

But still, according to her, she still needs to be presentable whenever she goes out because she will be seen by her fans.

Actually, she is everything a perfect celebrity should be. No doubt, she is talented, kind, friendly and most of all hard working. At an early age, Maja Salvador was able to prove not only herself but her family that they can be proud of her being a Salvador.


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